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Musically speaking….

“Just as the hollows of an instrument determine its sound, its the hollows in our soul that determine our song. I am working to find the truth of my song and sing it with fearless abandon.”TKW

Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, with an early childhood in Colorado, it is Eufaula, Alabama that she called home growing up. A historic antebellum town of weeping willows and water, verdant gardens and majestic estates, Eufaula is the best part of the “Old South”- lush, dreamy, mysterious and welcoming.

So, too, is her supernal alto voice; delicate and emotive, sultry yet sincere. It’s clear. She means what she sings.

A serious student of the art of jazz, she studies privately with world class jazz pianist Kevin Bales, absorbing the traditions, language and repertoire. And she hangs with the best on the local jazz scene – dipping her toes in, testing her musical waters and working toward making her musical mark.

A veteran show band singer (and practicing Architect by day), she has taken her time to hatch out of her shell as a solo artist. These initial recordings are to serve as her introduction to the jazz listener and the fans of female jazz vocalists.

Currently, she is working toward recording a full jazz vocal CD as well as developing her original country jazz project “Luna Twang”, a musical umbrella project meant to encompass jazz in general, all things Johnny Mercer in particular, rootsy originals and yodeling to her hearts content.